Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a free trial for white label solution?

We don’t offer a trial for white label solution. You can open an user account on Trader Concept to try out our system to decide if a full customized white label solution is what you want.

How fast can you help to set up a full branding solution for me?

We can set up the entire copier solution for you in 4-6 weeks time, depending on the complexity of your requirements. If you have your own developer team, you just need to get the copier API documentation from us to start building your own interface.

Do I need to run a VPS?

Not really.

Signal providers need to maintain connection with our network during market hours, this will require the use of a VPS. However, our TraderConcept is set up such that all are automated and you do not need to configure yourself. We will provision a new VPS on your behalf to send and receive trading signals seamlessly.

Do you provide any SMS Alerts?

This is in our future plan.

Can I adjust the risk and lot sizing on my account?

Yes. TraderConcept gives you complete flexibility. You can select from a number of money management options as well as setting a maximum lot size and drawdown safety net on your account. Each individual slave account can be tailored to suit each client.

Brokers have different suffix in their currency pairs, is TraderConcept able to support this?

Yes. Our platform automatically identify your suffix if the brokers are already in our list. If not, it is also simple to add in the suffix yourself or you may contact our support team to configure for you.

For example your broker suffix is ‘-STG‘, meaning when you want to trade on EURUSD pair then you have to trade it on ‘EURUSD-STG‘ on your MetaTrader 4 account. In this case you just need to inform us or input the value “STG” in TraderConcept configuration tab.