Copy-Trade Setup

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2. Slave account (Copy-Trade) setting

2. Slave account (Copy-Trade) setting

1) To edit / setup your slave account risk setting, click on the “Setting

thumbnail beneath the account.


2) Under the slave account setting menu, you will see “Summary” where you

can check your account details , Enable / Disable this account, and the

subscription expiration date.


3) “Account Setting” is important to update your latest trading account MT4 / MT5 login password.

Warning: Failure to update new password may affect your copy-trading service.


4) “Signal Provider” reveal all Master accounts that this slave account is currently

following, and you can “unfollow” any master account here.


*Note: this example is only showing one (1) MASTER account.

5) “Symbol Mapping” allows you to decide which trading symbol that you would

like to follow from the Master. By default, all slave accounts

will follow all matching symbols of the Master Account.


Note: As trading account is strictly following the available symbols provided

by their broker, we will automatically map out the maximum trading

symbols that can perform copy-trade.


6) “Follow Setting” allows you to customise the copy trade setting at symbol level.

You can apply a customisation (Lot size, order mode, reverse, spread, spillage etc…)

of your copy-trade based on your own preference


7) “Risk Setting” is the last powerful setting that you can apply a “Stop Copy

rule based on your slave account “Balance”, or a maximum “Drawdown

or when the copy-trade position hits a certain level of “Floating”.